Ferrari Tipo 500 F2 by Toschi 1952 ( 1:6 scale)

Description : Ferrari Tipo 500 F/2

Manufacturer : Made for Toschi - made by Marchesini Luigi Bologna

Date Of Manufacture : 1952 or 1953
Origin : Manufactured in Italy
Materials : Die-cast

Condition of Toy : Good patina, a little rust to the wheels

Rarity : This is extremely rare, one of the rarest toy cars

Dimensions : 57.5x25cm
Weight :
2344 grams

History : This car was originally designed to hold a bottle of Toschi liqueur and, in the drivers seat, a small bottle of cherries soaked in liqueur. Alberto Ascari won the World Championship   two years in a row racing in the Tipo 500 and only failed to win  two races over the two seasons. One of those losses was due to his non-entry as a result of wanting to quailify for the Indianapolis 500. Ascari is pictured inspecting the model in our final picture.



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