Pantiles Arcade Events

As we are fortunate enough to be based in the wonderful Pantiles Arcade it seemed and excellent opportunity to broaden our remit and host some informative – yet informal – social events alongside our retail operations. To this end, we have undertaken then hosting of regular presentations by highly-regarded experts of the antiques firmament, who are able to make manifest sufficient information for them to be termed ‘lectures’ were that not far too academic a turn of phrase for events which have turned out to be so richly entertaining in their own right.

Eric Knowles, has already taken his turn on centre stage, to be followed by Richard Price and the inestimable Andy McConnell. Mark Hill has been pencilled in for appearances later on this summer, and Mr McConnell will be back with us again – with completely different subject matter – in the autumn.

Further events will be added to the calendar in due course, so keep an eye on our social media channels for up to date announcements. You may also view tickets for events which are already on sale here.