All Souls College Oxford Sealed Wine Bottle c1840

Heading : All Souls College Oxford sealed wine bottle 
Date : c1840
Period :  Victorian 
Origin : England 
Colour : Dark olive green
Neck : Long tapered with a double collar lip and string rim 
Body : Cylindrical 
Pontil : Snapped, kick up with central pimple 
Glass Type : Lead 
Size : 29.3cm height 
Condition : There is a crack where the neck meets the body at the front of the bottle.  
Restoration : None 
Weight : 840 grams 

Antique Sealed Bottles by David Burton Pg. 1037

Of all antique sealed bottles the All Souls College Common Room is among the most prevalent. It is famous for being the most elite academic institution in the UK, and arguably the world, with a gruelling entrance exam which is only open to University of Oxford students and graduates. Although fellowships are more common than degree based learning it is hard to imagine why, given that only two people a year can join All Souls as students, there are so many more surviving examples from All Souls than all other Oxford colleges. Today All Souls' total assets per student stands at more than £75,000,000 perhaps this can explain why they were able to buy so much wine. 

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