A Signed Andre Delatte Vase 1925-30

Heading : A baluster vase by Andrew Delatte
Date : 1925-30
Origin :
Jarville, Nancy , France
Colour :
Rose pink and amethyst with silver and gold foil inclusions
Body: Inverted baluster. The foot is signed as shown
Pontil : Polished
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 35cms tall

Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks
Restoration : None

Weight :  2270 grams

This is a homage at best to Daum, pure plagiarism at worst . Such was the level of tribute paid by Delatte t Daum that the latter issued multiple legal claims against Delatte for breaches of copyright designs and methods. This remains a beautiful piece of vitreous art with a great back-story



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