Art Deco Cocktail Shaker with Side Spout c1930


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Heading : Unusual Art Deco cocktail shaker with side spout
Date : c1930s
Period : George V
Origin : Farrow and Jackson England
Decoration : Handled side spout form with cork stoppers to both cover and spout. Unusual design with unscrewable base for crushed ice inside a separate section to keep the coctail chilled whilst not diluting the mix. This would allow the user to keep the coctail in the shaker to stay cool whilst completing the first serving. Marked “PATENT APPLIED FOR 8528/26” to both body and base. White metal nickel chrome alloy
Size :  29cm height, 16cm handle to spout
Condition : Very good, some minor light knocks and scratches
Restoration : None
Weight : 879 grams

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Weight1000 g


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