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Very Rare Baccarat Ormolu Mounted Watch Stand Or Jewellery Casket c1890

Heading : Baccarat ormolu mounted jewellery casket
Date : c1890
Origin : Baccarat, France
Colour : Clear with gilding 
Bowl : Prismatic diamond cutting on a cuboid bowl. The cover is in fact a pseudo-cover and does not close (it was never intended to). The ormolu frame has decorative acanthus leaves. There are four ball feet. The interior is velvet lined. 
Pontil : 24 sided star cut base. Original paper label
Glass Type : Lead crystal
Size : 6.5cm width, 17.7cm height

Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks
Restoration : None

Weight :  437 grams

The paper label on the base of this item gives it a date range of 1860-1900. This is probably for holding a pocket watch at a bedside table overnight or for holding a necklace or pendant.

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