A French Intercalaire Vase Encased in Wrought Iron Mounts c1930

Heading : A French intercalaire glass vase encased within wrought iron mounts
Date : 1930
Origin :France most probably
Nancy, possibly Paris
Bowl Features :
Well executed with random internal inclusions against a vibrant orange ground
Marks : None found
Type : Intercalaire decoration, the form enclosed by vertical wrought iron straps upon a planished circular foot.
Size : Height 31.2cm
Condition :Excellent. Minimal tarnish on underside of the base
Restoration : None
Weight : 2,175grams

Additional Information 

The absence of a makers signature makes a definitive attribution problematic whilst the influence of Daum is quite obvious in the standard of glassmaking and suggestive of a maker in the Nancy or the local Lorraine  region. This may have been made at the Daum owned Verrerie Belle Etoile in Croismare . Alternatively the blood orange mottles with blue was favoured by David Gueron ( Degue) who also produced glass vases blown into metal mounts. We do not believe this frame to be by Louis Majorelle or Edgar Brandt


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