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French Opalescent Bowl by Vallon c1935

Heading : G. Vallon opalescent glass bowl
Date : Interwar
Origin : France,
Colour : Opalescent
Features : Moulded cherries and leaves. Moulded mark G Vallon on the rim
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 7.3cm tall and 23.6cm in diameter
Condition : Very fine
Restoration : None
Weight :
1100 grams

There are two methods for producing opalescent glass. One requires the addition of antimony in small doses into the melt. The other requires reheating the surface of the glass to induce different structure ( physical states) across the depth of the glass. Opalescence results from the Willis-Tyndall effect for all those who remember their A-level physics.

This bowl by Vallon has a slight milkiness, the thicker the glass, the more opalescent the effect. This is achieved via reheating. We are unable to locate any other designs produced by Vallon. There are no trade catalogues. This opens up the possibility that G.Vallon was a trade name or possibly a retailer. This does have strong similarities with both Hunebelle and Etling simple botanical designs.


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