Large Art Glass Vase - Antica Murrina Veneziana c1985

Heading : Large Art Glass Vase - Antica Murrina Veneziana - c1995
Date : c1985
Origin : Murano, Italy

Bowl Features : Coloured glass 'patches' and silver foil fragments set within a pale blue body

Marks : original label to side: VETRO DI MURANO - ANTICA MURRINA VENEZIANA - with the latter part repeated as inscribed script on the underside of the base
Type : circular base and round lower section, transitioning to a near-square upper half

Size : 29.0 cm high - 17.1 x 17.3 across the rim - 15.9 cm diameter to the widest point of the body
Condition : Excellent - no discernible damage or flaws - a little wear to the base
Restoration : None
Weight : 2199 grams

Additional Information : Brothers Achille and Francesco Voltolina founded the Antica Murrina Veneziana company around 1970, transitioning from their first incarnation which was Vittorio Voltolina. The name refers only indirectly to Murano* - the home of Italian art glass production - but rather to the word 'murrine' meaning a composite piece made from sliced, coloured glass canes which are fused and then shaped by either by 'conventional' blowing or by being allowed to 'slump' over a mould having been reheated.

* It is possible that the word murrine in itself is derived from Murano as that was the location where the process was revived in the 16th century, having first been used in the Middle East when the Assyrian Empire held sway, but it is not a direct, contemporary topographical reference in this context


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