Italian Mezza Filigrana Fazzaletto Vase - 20th century

Heading : Italian Mezza Filigrana Fazzaletto Vase - 20th century
Date : mid-century modern
Origin : Murano; Italy

Bowl Features : five upright folds over a circular base of clear, blue and white 'mezza filigrana' glass formed in to the 'fazzoletto' (handkerchief) style

Marks : none
Size : 18.5 cm high - 22.3 cm at widest point of rim
Condition : Excellent; no chips, cracks, flakes or scratches of any significance
Restoration : None
Weight : 691 grams

Additional Information : A generic style used by many well-known Italian glass-artists - it is near impossible to attribute an unsigned example to any one of them with any certainty; this piece can perhaps best be likened to other works from Auriliano Toso 

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