A Murano Mottled and Trailed Fazzoletto Vase


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Heading : An Arte Di Murano Mottled and Trailed Fazzoletto Vase
Date : c1975
Origin :
Murano. Venice . Italy.
Bowl Features :
Mottled glass cased in acid matted clear glass with pale green trailing. With black glass stand. The colout transitions from tangering to orange to blood red.
Marks : None
Size : Height 36cm on glass stand
Condition : As new. A small piece of clinker in the rim from manufacture
Restoration : None
Weight : 2457 grams

Additional Information : This is a statement piece of art glass. ‘Handkerchief’ vases have been produced in Murano for atleast 70 years although te same crimpin technique may be seen on tablewares dating back to the 17th century. New versions start from £550.

We have located six examples all mottled and with black stands dating from 1958 to 1979 by three manufacturers.

Additional information

Weight4000 g


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