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A Blue And White Mezza Filigrana Murano Pitcher Vase c1960

Heading : A blue and white mezza filigrana vase
Date : 1950-1970
Origin : Murano
Colour : Dark blue and white canes cased in clear glass. Applied clear glass button foot
Shape : Organic form. Pitcher plant shaped
Pontil : Polished
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 18.7cms tall

Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks. Good mossing under the foot, these are matt areas comprised on multiple fine scratches from years of accumulated wear
Restoration : None

Weight : 323grams

Mezza filigrana always causes some speculation. In the absence of a signature we can almost certainly discount  Venini who signed almost all their pieces.There is no evidence is a signature despite the wear on the underside of the foot. Scarpa, Cappellin and associates thus also become very unlikely as a consequence. They may also be discounted on the basis of style, their mezza filigrana pieces only deployed fine canes and were not alternated with broader tapes.  

This is most probably Dino Martens design for Aureliano Toso. The alternating bands of fine threads and broad tapes and quirky organic form is typical of his work as is the applied clear glass foot.



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