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Murano Glass Vase With Incalmo Rim c1960

Heading : A murano glass vase
Date : 1955 -1965
Origin :
Almost certainly Murano
Bowl Features :
Incalmo applied rim
Marks : None
Type : Filigrana glass
Size : Height 16.2cms
Condition :Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight : 408 grams

Additional Information :


Mezza filigrana style always causes some speculation. In the absence of a signature we can almost certainly discount  Venini who signed almost all their pieces.There is no evidence of a signature despite the wear on the underside of the foot. Scarpa, Cappellin and associates thus also become very unlikely as a consequence. They may also be discounted on the basis of style, their mezza filigrana pieces only deployed fine canes alternated with broad canes


This may be a Fulvio Bianconi design for Cendese as there are numerous attributed examples with incalmo ( grafted on) rims. What we do know with absolute certainty is that we do not know who made this but it is rather beautiful




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