A Stylish Legras Art Deco Glass Vase c1925

Heading : A fine Legras glass vase
Date : c1925
Origin : St Denis or Pantin, Paris
Colour : Mottled white, turquoise and green cased in clear glass
Body : Cylinder shaped. Decorated with a stained geometric band cut into the clear casing. Incised and stained signature
Pontil : Polished
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 22cm tall
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight : 1315 grams

Legras operated in the Paris suburbs at both Pantin and St Denis. This post war vase emulates acid etched cameo. The outer layer is clear glass. The decorative band is cut into the clear casing and has been stained in shades of green and outlined in grey to increase the relief.

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