A Verdigris Stained Rene Lalique Edelweiss vase Marcilhac no.10-913 Designed 1937

Heading : A Rene .Lalique edelweiss vase
Date : Designed 1937, not produced after 1945
Period : Interwar
Origin : Wingen-sur-Moder
Colour : Fristed, polished and stained.
Marks : Stencil mark on the base ‘R.Lalique France’
Body : Three bands of edelweiss flowers and frosted vertical lines
Pontil : Polished
Glass Type : Lalique demi-cristal 
Size : 15.9cm tall and 19.3cm in diameter
Condition : Exemplary
Restoration : None
Weight : 1905 grams

The Edelweiss flower is a symbol of purity and when given to a loved one a promise of ones dedication. The perfect gift.


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