Rene Lalique Ormeaux Glass Vase Designed 1926

Heading : Ormeaux - Rene Lalique Slate Grey-Green Frosted Glass Vase
Date : Introduced 1926
Wingen sur Moder, France
Features : D
ense overlapping spear-shape elm leaves
Marks: Engraved on foot rim in script - R Lalique, France No 984
Type : Demi-Crystal
Size : Height 16.9cm

Condition Excellent - no chips, cracks or flakes; slight wear to the base entirely commensurate with age
Restoration : None
Weight : 789 grams

Note : the duplicity of the name of this vase is easily explained - ormeaux is the French for 'abalone', the mollusc, and also for a specific species of elm tree, the field elm; we would speculate that this commonality is because the samarae - winged fruits of the field elm - look very much the underside of a healthy, un-shucked abalone...


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