Set of Six Rene Lalique Wingen Pattern Bordeaux Glasses - Marcilhac 5110

Heading : Rene Lalique Wingen Pattern Bordeaux Glasses
Period : Designed 1926, not continued after 1947
Origin : Wingen-sur-Moder, Alsace, France
Colour : Clear 
Bowl : Cup shaped
Stem : Hollow, open to the foot
Foot : Conical. Moulded mark R LALIQUE on the base and engraved R Lalique - five of the six also have the model number Nr5110
Glass Type : Demi-crystal
Size :  8.0 cm height, bowl 7.4 cm diameter
Condition : Excellent, no cracks. The outside edge of the foot-rim is slightly chamfered on all the glasses as part of the design to avoid them having a sharp, 90 degree corner; on three of the glasses, however, this chamfered area is a little wider in parts than it is elsewhere, presumably where tiny chips have been ground down and on another three, there are small chips still present
Restoration : See above 
Weight:  773 grams in total

Note : * There would appear to be an error in Marcilhac's cataloguing, as these glasses are very definitely 8.0 cm tall (or very slightly over) and are marked with the model number as given above - whereas going by his listing, this dimension should make them #5111's

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