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René Lalique "Malines" Vase c1924 - Marcilhac 957

Heading : René Lalique "Malines" vase 
Date : c1924
Origin : Combs-la-Ville, France
Colour : Opalescent with blue staining 
Bowl : Spherical with moulded leaves running vertically up the vase - tapered solifleur neck
Pontil : Polished - stencilled "R. Lalique France" mark
Glass Type : Lalique demi-cristal 
Size : Approx 13cm height, 5.9cm diameter foot

Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks
Restoration : None

Weight :  278 grams

Eric Knowles Comments


René Lalique first introduced his “Malines” vase into his ever growing repertoire of both decorative and useful glass in the year 1924. The influence of nature had been fundamental in his jewellery creations and his glass designs were no exception where vases such as the tumbling leaves of “Ormeaux” or the  the succulent leaves on Languedoc are testament to his creative genius. 



Although smaller in scale this Malines vase provides yet further evidence of his ability to ensure a totally harmonious fusion of nature with a carefully chosen form. At first glance the viewer might be forgiven for mistaking the form for a seed pod or perhaps an exotic urchin. In so doing Lalique invites you to handle the piece to gain a complete understanding of his intent.



The swollen vase appears to be in the grip of the relief moulded vertical leaves accentuated by the bleu patine that almost suggests claws searching for a massive pearl. Careful inspection of the vase offers the realisation that it is in fact a cased version where the internal opalescence is ensured with a frosted clear glass surround. 



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