Compose III – Art Glass Sculpture By Laura McKinley


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Heading : Compose III – Art Glass Sculpture By Laura McKinley
Date : c2023
Period : King Charles III
Origin : London. England
Colour : Comprised of cast. cased. cut and polished forms in clear glass cased in black and light amethyst and clear glass cased in white and acid finished
Shape :
A vase base. with waisted baton and solid cast bronze finial
Base : Polished
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 44cm tall and maximum width 16.5cm
Condition : As new
Restoration : None
Weight :  6575 grams

Intuition proportion and perfection. Three words that apply to the work of Royal College of Art graduate Laura McKinley.

Colours and forms are both brilliantly balanced yet combine to challenge the viewer by being stacked in seemingly impossible verticals.

The combination of metals and glass creates another dichotomy. Both are shiny. solid and strong. and derived from molten. ductile materials when hot. but one is inherently fragile and can be transparent. translucent or opaque as well as reflective. Light plays an important part. with her choice of resonant colours varying in tone as the light changes across the day.

Each piece is cast. cut and polished in McKinley’s London studio using laborious time-consuming processes that can take weeks. There is no allowance for flaws such as bubbles. or poor proportions.

The unique results are flawless and quintessentially Contemporary. Her timeless work fits seamlessly with any of the major style movements of the past century or more from Modernist to Art Deco to midcentury modern and Postmodern.

McKinley has taken part in over 30 exhibitions internationally since 2008. including at The Saatchi Gallery. The International Festival of Glass. Christie’s. and at ‘Vetro’ in Venice. The Pantiles Arcade are delighted to welcome her to our growing group of the the hottest contemporary glassmakers.

Mark Hill

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