Vanda Harvey & Tim Shaw - Goya Series Vase c2010

Heading : Vanda Harvey & Tim Shaw - Goya series vase 
Date : c2010
Origin : Adelaide, Australia

Bowl Features : ovoid with a flattened base and sliced at the head to form the rim; intentionally pierced through one side as part of the design

Marks : Etched to the base 'Vanda Harvey' and 'Tim Shaw'
Size : 32.2cm tall - 18.8 cm in diameter at its widest point
Condition : Excellent - the tiniest of nibbles to the base rim and some very slight roughness to the edge of the hole in the body; there is also a burst bubble on the surface, but it would seem likely that this is part of the manufacturing process, as there are many bubbles integral to the vase's design
Restoration : None
Weight : 4943 grams

Additional Information : Vanda Harvey was an English painter and Tim Shaw an Irish glass artist; the Goya series are the fruits of their collaborative work, which followed a chance meeting in Australia in the early years of the current century.


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