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Large Siddy Langley Reef Graal Vase 2004


Product Code:23102507

1 in stock

1 in stock


Heading : Large Siddy Langley ‘Reef’ vase
Date : 2004
Origin :  Devon. England

Bowl Features :
Pale blue glass depicting a school of orange fish swimming around coral
Marks : Signed Siddy Langley 2004
Type : Lead
Size : 23cm height. 25cm width
Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks
Restoration : None
Weight : 3376 grams

As always we are utterly amazed by Siddy’s ability to turn an orange glowing ball of glass into such extraordinary designs. This range utilises a technique called Graal. Siddy would blow a cone of orange glass over clear and then cool. She would then sandblast through the cone so that only the fish remained. She would then reheat the vase before picking it up on the blowin iron and adding more details before inflating it. Very few vases were made using this technique due to a high work and failure rate. this is a rare piece from a modern master.


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Weight3000 g


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