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Large Early Michael Harris Azurene Fish Vase 1981-2


Product Code:MH240101

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Out of stock


Heading : Large Early Azurene Pink ‘Fish’ vase made by Michael Harris
Date : 1981/2
Origin :
Isle of Wight
Marks : Signed Michael Harris Isle of Wight England
Type : Lead
Size : 26.5cm height. 25.5cm width
Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks
Restoration : None
Weight : 3389 grams

Additional Information :

The Fish vase. or sculpture. is Michael Harris’ hallmark form. and also his rarest. most desirable and most highly-prized. Developed from 1967-69 at the Royal College of Art and then at Mdina Glass. he continued to make it at Isle of Wight Studio Glass and there the form was reintroduced in 1982 as part of the Azurene range.

At Mdina (from 1968-72) and at Isle of Wight Studio Glass until his death in 1994. only Michael was skilled and experienced enough to make Fish. meaning that he made them all. This example is extremely scarce as it is also signed by him. Michael did not like to sign his work. especially with his name.

The rounded form. presence of two ‘joins’ inside the internal blown pink body. yellowy tone to the second casing. and the Mdina-like unusually large size (26.5cm high) suggest that this was one of the earliest Fish made at the Isle of Wight studio. The lack of a limited edition number shows that it was not part of the range exported to the US in the mid-1980s. There are two tool marks and a piece of grit from the making process on one side of the neck. but Michael was clearly happy enough with it to sign it with his name.

Fish were highly expensive and were originally only made as part of the production range at the Isle of Wight Studio Glass from 1985-1987. From 1982-84 and from 1988-1994. they were available only as a special order. This is likely to be one of the earliest examples made on the Isle of Wight and is an extremely rare and visually stunning example of a hotly sought-after form.


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Weight4000 g


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