James Powell Whitefriars Pattern 916 Glass Vase Designed 1909

Heading : A Thomas Carney West design  manufactured by James Powell - Whitefriars
Date :  Designed 1909

Colour : Clear
Origin : London, England

Bowl Features : Conical bowl with folded rim; moulded fluting running down to a broad, flat base with a
 flanged foot
Marks : Incised underside of base 'Rd No 543290.'
Size : 12.7 cm tall - equating to five inches, which was one of two sizes (the other being 6¾ inches) in which Whitefriars made this vase; 11.8 cm diameter bowl - 11.1 cm diameter base
Condition : Excellent, no chips, cracks or flakes; some slight manufacturing creases to the lower part of the bowl
Restoration : None
Weight : 301 grams

Additional Information : This vase was designed by Thomas Carney West, who then licensed production under the 543290 registration number to several different production companies in addition to Whitefriars

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