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A Small Triform Storm Clouds Vase By Siddy Langley

Heading : A Small Triform Storm Clouds Vase By Siddy Langley
Date : 2021
Cullompton, Devon
Bowl Features : 
Dimpled triangular cross-section. Striated polychrome bands that transition into sweeping undulating clouds
Marks : Signed and dated Siddy Langley 2021
Type : English studio glass
Size : Height 130mm 
Condition : Mint
Restoration : None
Weight : 983 grams

Additional Information One of my favourite contemporary glass artists. Siddy has been inspired by her environment - Exmoor, Dartmoor and the rolling hills of Devon. The contoured aperture of the vase is inspired - it's the eye of the storm. This is nothing short of genius. I am frequently asked to advise about antiques of the future and decorative arts with investment potential - the work of this artist has to be a prime candidate.


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