Pallme Konig Art Nouveau Jugendstill Trailed Bottle Vase c1900


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Heading : An Art Nouveau Jugendstil Pallme Konig trailed bottle vase
Date : c1900
Origin : Bohemia

Features : Iridescent blue silver-grey and amethyst trailing over green ground

Marks : None
Type : Soda
Size : 21.5cm tall
Condition : Good. There is some fritting inside the rim
Restoration : None
Weight : 610 grams

Additional Information : Trailing vases are difficult to attribute as there were several well-known companies who produced them such as Kralik and Loetz. To identify and attribute we examine several characteristics such as; glass form. colour. trailing design/ thickness and iridescence.

The trailing is of noticeably varying thickness. some trails ‘meld’ together while others ‘overlap’. Secondly the vertical and horizontal trails are recessed into the glass. A third positive identifier is the form. specifically the foot.

The combination of iridescent blue with dark amethyst trailing is very rare. Only two other examples were located. Varying shades of green were most commonly deployed. white/pink/orange/red shades were also used. Art nouveau was inspired from nature. the combination of natural colours and forms and this alone explains the propensity of green coloured examples

References :

Victorian Decorative Glass British Designs 1850 – 1914 By Mervyn Gulliver Page 167.



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