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Barolac In The Forest Glass Vase Designed By Jenkins & Inwald 1931

Heading :A Barolac "In the Forest" vase
Date : c.1950
Origin : Manufactured at the Rudolfova or Rosice glashutte. Barolac was a trading name established by Douglas Jenkins of UK based glass importer John Jenkins and Josef Inwald was a Czech designer. The "In the Forest" design was seemingly a collaboration between both parties.

Colour : Amethyst
Bowl Features : This has great depth of field. This moulded glass has also been hand finished. There are no flash lines, the broken branches in the trees have been polished, sections of the roots have been polished.

Pontil : Moulded indented base. This has been polished. There are no flash or seam lines, this has been hand finished.
Type : Lead glass
Size : 26.3cm tall with a 19.0cm bowl 
Condition : Fine scratches on underside of the foot as exaopected with vintage glassware. We only mention this for the sake of completeness and professional integrity. (It is insignificant- Eric Knowles)
Weight :  3400 grams

This has been professionally cleaned to remove water staining and limescale.

Additional Information : There are export catalogues from 1949 produced to present the wares of multiple Czechoslovakian producers and also one catalogue from a Czech exporter in 1952 which clearly show that the colour range was extended, form three to possibly five or six variants, two are opalescent. Smoke colour was included in both catalogues. Amethyst was not one of the original colours. Many of the designs for Barolac glass were registered in the UK. However during the war it seems as though the moulds may have been misplaced in central Europe.



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