A Rindskopf Pepita Grenada Vase c1905

Heading : A Rindskopf Pepita Grenada Vase
Date : c1905
Origin : Teplitz-Schoneau, Bohemia
Colour : Iridescent amethyst transitioning through blood orange to melon green
Body : Internally optically moulded with an array of raised 'cabochons'. Ribbed stem
Glass Type : Lead glass
Size : 19.5cms tall
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight : 626g

The french word for pomegranate is grenada, from which grenadine takes its name. A pepita is a pumpkin seed, the top of this vase resembles an opening pumpkin flowers. This we assume if the inspiration for the name.

Like many glass vases this comes to life when placed on a windowsill. When backlit the colours are accentuated.


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