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Paul Daum Mado Nancy Vase c1925


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1 in stock


Heading : Mado Nancy Daum vase
Date : c1925
Period : 20th Century
Origin : The Belle Etoile. Croismare. France

Colour : Mottled orange and lemon ground enamelled in puce orange and green. The foot cased in satin finish clear glass
Bowl :
Decorated with e
namelled orange and red hemerocallis. Signed Mado Nancy on the upper foot
Base : Polished
Glass Type : Lead
Size :
30.5cm tall and 10cm base diameter
Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks
Restoration : None
Weight : 1073 grams

Paul Daum was the son of the lawyer Auguste Daum and grandson of Jean Daum. the founder. His pieces are signed Mado Nancy. It has red campions with leaves on a pate de verre mottled amber and primrose ground. His is a tragic a sad story. Paul Daum joined the French resistance. was captured and sent to aconcentration camp. he died just before the end of the war.

His pieces are signed Mado Nancy. Made in Croismare . Alsace. at the second manufactory opened by the Daum family


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Weight1500 g


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