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Galle Clematis Cameo Glass "Banjo" Vase 1902-1904

Heading : An Emile Galle acid cameo vase
Date : 1902-1904
Origin : Nancy, France.
Colour : Burnt orange over a marbled orange ground
Bowl : Decorated with clematis flowers. Banjo shaped with elegant tapered neck
Pontil : Polished
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 17.4cms tall

Condition : Very good, no chips or cracks. There are two very small matt abrasions on the flower petals.
Restoration : None

Weight :  148 grams

The base has an original Galle retailers label " Galle Nancy, Paris". The Galle retail outlet was opened on Rue Richter Paris in 1885, B2C as it would now be known. The direct to consumer approach was a great success and additional shops were opened both in Germany and France. There is also a label for E.Joubert and Company of Angers the art dealers.


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