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A Galle Cameo Glass Bottle Vase c1910

Heading : A Galle cameo glass bottle vase
Date : 1906-1914
Origin :
Nancy, France
Bowl Features :
Overlaid with pale purple Sweet Pea type flower and leaf design against a frosted ground
Marks : Galle with the epsilon bisecting the long tailed G
Type : Crystal of compressed form tapering to a toprim with cut and polished segment
Size : 10.5cm
Condition Restored
Restoration : This was a piriform perfume atomiser
Weight : 125grams

Additional Information : When the metal mounts for the atomiser were removed then we assume that the bottle must have been damaged. Nore the concave flat rim. This had been cut and polished

There is also no lip, we would expect this to be wider at the mouth and the mouth not to be the narrowest point on the vase. That said this is still an attractive piece but the restoration has been reflected in the price.


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