A Mdina Indigo Vase with Silver Chloride Streaks 1970’s


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Heading : A Mdina indigo and turquoise vase with silver chloride streaks
Date : 1970’s
Origin : Malta
. Mdina
Bowl Features : Indigo. blue and yellow bands interspersed with trapped air bubbles.

Marks : None
Type : Lead
Size : Height 18cms. diameter 11.3cms
Condition : Very good. a few minr scratched on the underside of the foot commensurate with age
Restoration : None
Weight : 1310 grams

Additional Information :

Such was the “creative synergy” between the competing Maltese art glass manufacturers induced by artisans moving form one factory to another that it can difficult to specify the source factory when a piece ais not marked. Not all Mdina was signed. experimental pieces were retailed. Valletta and Phoenecian glass have used paper labels.

This is as uniquely Maltese as Qaghaq Tal Ghasel and Lampuki Pie ! Having spoken with Mdina we are as sure as they are they this is their creative output. It is the most attractive piece of Maltese art glass we have seen in a long time


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Weight2000 g


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