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Glashyttan Ahus Grey Motion Sculpture 2020


Product Code:20041708

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Out of stock


Heading : A Studio Glashyttan Ahus Grey Motion Sculpture
Date : 2020
Origin :
Åhus. Sweden
Colour : Clear. black glass foot
Description : The encaesd droplet with air tears refracts the base colout in this fluid design by Nissmark.
Base : Base signed Studio Ahus 2020 Lennart Nissmark
Glass Type : Lead
Size : Height 32.5cms

Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks. New and boxed
Restoration : None

Weight : 6100 grams

Eric Knowles Comments :This is a stunning piece of design by the Swedish genius that is Lennart Nissmark. Clearly inspired by droplets of water this is a design best achieved in glass. Simply stunning and investment grade glassware of the future.

This was amongst the last pieces produced by Ahus who have had to shut down their kilns for the final. a very sorry consequence of the pandemic.


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Weight7000 g


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