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Schneider Verre Francais

Charles Schneider Le Verre Francais

The Verrerie Schneider was founded by brothers Ernest and Charles during 1913 at Epinay-Sur-Seine a suburb of northern Paris. Charles had trained at the Ecole des Beux-arts in Nancy and had worked for Daum during his studies. Ernest Schneider had also worked for Daum although his sojourn was an unhappy one due to his relationship with Jean and Paul Daum.

The timing for their new venture could not have been worse, most of their workforce was mobilised in 1914. They were made to re-open the glassworks in 1917 to manufacture glassware required by hospitals and laboratories. However, by the early 1920s their products had found their way to most major Paris and other international galleries at a time when French art deco glass was at it peak of popularity. Charles Schneider designed in art nouveau and art deco and designed some vases that showcase both.

Schneider art glass vases are usually signed although not always. The first mark used by the Verreries Schneider was the candy cane or berlingot mark. This is quite unmistakable with bands of red, white and blue enamels. It is alleged that this was used when a retailer did not wish their clients to be able to identify the origin of the vase.

The Schneider script and block letter signatures, either inscribed of acid etched are the most frequently observed. The Schneider script mark may have an associated two handled urn alongside the signature, the urn may also be used in isolation.

Both "Verre Francais" and "Le Verre Francais" signatures were used from 1918. Cameo glass vases were also occasionally signed "Charder" and "Charder Le Verre Francais" a contraction of Charles Schneider. Marks were also created for retailers, Finnigans the Bond Street London shop, Ovington of 5th Avenue New York and De-Backer Brussels and all had their own marks.

Some vases deigned by Dufrene of the La Maitrise studio are signed accordingly.

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Charles Schneider French Art Deco Glass - Tiny Esveld

Charles Schneider French Art Deco Glass - Tiny Esveld

Tiny Esveld is an internationally renowned authority on the glassware of Schneider, Galle, Daum and the Ecole De Nancy. This tour de force is beautifully illustrated with more than five hundred sensational images over its two hundred and ninety pages.


Very Tall Schneider "Berlingot" Marked Vase c1920

Very Tall Schneider "Berlingot" Marked Vase c1920

A very fine and large Schneider vase with the rare Berlingot mark from c1920 in excellent condition. For more Schneider glass, as well as a wide range of other French art glass, please visit Scottish Antiques online store.


A Large Schneider Glass Vase Made for Ovington New York c1920

A Large Schneider Glass Vase Made for Ovington New York c1920

A vibrant and large Schneider glass vase made for Ovington the retailer in New York c1920. For more French art glass please visit ScottishAntiques online store.


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