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Schneider Feuilles D’Oseille Vase c1920


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Heading : An early Schneider Verre Francais vase
Date : 1918-1921 . This carries the “Berlingot” or candy cane mark
Origin : Epinay-sur-Seine. France
Colour : Jade green and ornage-brown above a clear frosted base with primrose yellow vertical bands
Pontil : Polished.
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 31cms height
Condition : Very Fine
Restoration : None
Weight : 725  grams

References: Charles Schneider – Joulin and Maier p86

The candy cane “Berlingot” mark in the foot was only used between 1918 and 1921. The incised decoration depicts sorrel leaves. As an avid forager I can tell you that this os common sorrel and not bitter wood sorrel that looks like clover. Sorrel is important in the wild food calendar as it is one of the earliest wild herbs to become available. even before wild garlic.

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Weight1000 g


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