Bargain Basement Antiques

Our high turnover is wonderful but it does create it some issues. We cannot keep items forever as we have finite space for storage at The Pantiles Arcade and thus we have clearance stock.

It will also of course, be of no great surprise to hear that glass and porcelain is prone to chipping and damage when used. After two or three hundred years of use and then having been shuffled around in collectors’ cabinets for further decades some pieces inevitably become damaged. When such damage is not so severe as to destroy the aesthetic qualities you can still find these less than pristine pieces available in our “Bargain Basement”.

We also receive some items that have been heavily restored. These glasses and porcelain pieces are still entirely usable, will still display beautifully but can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of a perfect period example.

We also from time to time receive damaged items, broken in transit and we have damaged a few items ourselves over the years. A set of six Daum Nancy liqueur glasses once became a group of three and they cannot be sold individually

We hope that you can find a bargain that will benefit your collection or just something to use and enjoy.

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