Georgian Plain Stem Bell-shaped Wine Glass c1750

Heading : Georgian Plain Stem Bell-shaped Wine Glass 
Period : George II - George III
Origin : 
Colour : 
Bowl : 
Bell shaped
Stem : 
Foot : 
Folded conical
Pontil : 
Glass Type : Lead
Size :  Height 14.8 cm, bowl 6.4 cm, foot 7.3 cm
Condition : Good; although essentially undamaged there is a large burst air tear in the base of the bowl; the folded foot rim undulated a little and there are bubble and clinker inclusions throughout.
Restoration : None
Weight: 136 grams

'Friday afternoon' pieces were turned out in the 18th century, although to be strictly accurate, at the time this glass was made, Saturday was generally the last day of the working week.

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