Crusader Terracotta Oil Lamp, Holy Land Region, 9th-11th Century

Material: Clay, terracotta

Period: Medieval, time of Crusades

Date: 9th to 11th century AD

Origin: Holy Land area

Condition: AVF, slight damage and loss to rim 

Description: A moulded clay lamp with drip tray and handle; sandy desert encrustations

Size: 100mm x 80mm x 65mm

Features and Provenance: Light was integral for security, work, ceremony and travel, when the sun went down. Oil and animal fats were the only suitable resources for lamps and olive oil, in particular, was plentiful. A wick was coiled into the body of the lamp that had been filled, the wick soaked up the oil and the wick protruded through the side hole and was lit. Lamps were made by pressing clay into a mould and then fixing the two halves together. Early production line factories were developed to make lamps such was the demand





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