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Signed By George III – A Payment Request for American Regiment of Foot 1795

Heading : George III signed payment request for American Regiment of Foot 1795
Date : 1795
Period : George III
Origin : England

Size :  Frame 43.5cm high, 30.4cm wide
Condition : One tear to fold, areas of fading
Restoration : None
Weight :  1480 grams

An original hand-written document requesting payment for the services of the British 4th Battalion of the 60th Regiment, the American Regiment of Foot for the period 25th December 1789 to 24th December 1790. The total sum requested was £12,140 3s 8d, a not inconsiderable amount in 1795. The regiment were still stationed in the Western United States after 1781 following defeat by George Washington, the original "turncoat".

The document is handwritten in ink and signed on the front by King George III and on the reverse by William Whindham, Secretary of State for War. It is mounted in a double sided glazed frame.

The document is written on laid paper carrying the royal Britannia watermark.

The document reads:

George R (signed)


Our Will and Pleasure is, that out of 

such Monies as are in, or shall come to your hands 

for the use of Our Land Forces, you pay unto Our 

Right Trusty and Wellbeloved Councillor General

Jeffery, Lord Amherst, KB, the sum of Eleven thousand, 

eight hundred and ninety four pounds, two shillings 

and eleven pence, the same being certified by you to 

be the sum borne on the Establishments for the 4th 

Battalion of Our 60th / or Royal American Regiment 

of Foot under his Command, from the 25th 

December 1789, to 24th December 1790, both days 

inclusive, and also out of the Monies that are 

in or shall come to your hands on account of 

poundage to be returned to the private Men of Our 

Regiments of Foot, the further sum of Two hundred, 

twenty six pounds, eight shillings, and eight 

pence, and out of the monies that are in, or shall 

come to your hands for the contingent uses of Our 

Land Forces, the sum of Nineteen pounds, twelve 

shillings, and and penny, making in the whole 

twelve thousand, one hundred, forty pounds, 

three shillings and eight pence, being the amount”




“of the allowed Charge of Our said Regiment 

for the Period above mentioned, viz from 

25th December 1789 to 24th December 1790, 

certified by our Secretary at War. And, for so 

doing this, with the Acquittance of the said 

General Jeffery, Lord Amherst, or of his 

assign, shall be your warrant and discharge, 

Given at our Court at St James’s, this 15th 

day of October 1794 in the thirtyfourth 

year of Our Reign.


By His Majesty’s Command

                       Whindham (signed)



    Our Right Trusty and Wellbeloved 

Councillors Dudley Ryder and Thomas 

Steele, Joint Paymaster General of Our 

Guards, Garrisons and Land Forces, 

Or, to the Paymaster General of Our said 

Forces for the time being.

                        We have been made acquainted with this Warrant 

                        Whitehall, Treasury Chambers the 2nd Day of 

                        December, 1795.

                                                                  Mornington (signed)

                                                                  Rd Hopkins

                                                                  J Smyth



£12,140,,3..0, Pay&c 4th. Battn 60th for Royal American Regt of Foot

to 24 Dec 1795


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