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Vienna Porcelain Cabinet Plate Deianira and Nessus c1825

Heading : Vienna pictorial porcelain plate
Date : c1830
Period : Francis I, Emperor of Austria
Marks : Bindenschild with year mark

Origin : Vienna Imperial factory, Austria
Colour : Polychrome
Pattern : Raub den Degania
Features : Elaborate formal border. Pictorial after Guido Reni.
Size : 3.7cm tall and 25cm in diameter
Condition : Very fine
Restoration : None
Weight : 520 grams combined
Additional Information : The these is taken from the works of Publius Ovidius Naso, otherwise known as simply Ovid.  Hercules and Deianira when crossing a river engages the services of the ferryman Nessus the centaur. Hercules crossed first. On the second crossing Nessus attempts to ravish Deianira and Hercules slew Nessus with an arrow.

This depiction is taken directly from the oil on canvas by Guido Reni c1619 and this is currently to be found oin the Louvre.


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