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18th Century Carved Burr Wood Ceremonial Lion Peg Tankard Norway

Heading : 18th century carved burr birch wood ceremonial lion peg tankard Norway
Date : 18th century
Period : George III
Origin : Norway

Decoration : Carved foliate feet and lid.  Handle carved with Nordic designs
Size :  Height 22.2cm, base 14cm, width max 21cm
Condition : Single worm hole to lid, 3 worm holes to main body.
Restoration : Professionally tretaed cleaned and polished
Weight : 730 Grams 

Known as a 'Lion peg' tankard due to the carved detail and method of construction, this tankard would have been produced purely for ceremonial purposes, commonly weddings.  The main body is turned from a single piece of burr birch wood and incorporates three carved feet.  The domed lid, also turned from one piece of wood, has carved Nordic foliate designs over the top and a carved lion thumb plate attached.  The C-shaped handle is attached internally by wooden pegs and is decorated with a Nordic foliate design.


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