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Kent Insurance Company Painted Copper Fire Mark c1835


Product Code:21052502

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Out of stock


Heading : Kent Insurance Company painted Copper fire mark c1835
Date : c1835
Period : Victoria
Origin : Kent. England

Decoration : Some original paint and gilding
Size :  21cm high 17cm wide
Condition : Losses to paint & gilding
Restoration : None
Weight :  90g

Before the advent of a national fire service. insurance companies retained their own fire fighting crews and installed plaques onto insured properties to guide their fire crew to the correct building (as if smoke and flames weren’t enough!). Originally cast from lead. which has a low melting point. the plaques were replaced in the nineteenth century by pressed copper versions.

This example from the Kent Insurance Company founded in 1802 retains much of it’s original paint and a little gilding. Pressed from one sheet of copper. the high relief horse almost leaps out at you. What appear to be cracks in the metal are actually manufacturing folds. After 1838 the word Invicta was added above the horses head on a small plate at the top of the hexagon.

The original patinated condition make this not only a highly collectable example. but a very attractive piece of wall art for any Kentish home or indeed our emporium on ground floor of the Corn Exchange. The Lower Pantiles. Royal Tunbridge Wells. 



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Weight250 g


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