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Saxon Visigothic Type Radiate-Headed Bronze Brooch 5th-6th Century


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Heading: Visigothic Type. Saxon. Radiate-Headed Bronze Brooch. 5th-6th Century

Material: Copper alloy (bronze)

Period: Saxon 5th to 6th century

Date: 5th-6th century

Origin: Germanic tribes (Visigothic) later Saxon

Condition: Very fine. pin missing. nice patina

Description: D-shaped head-plate with central knop and C-shaped wings each side. plain bow and wide tapering footplate; small catch-plate to reverse. pin missing

Size and Weight: 100mm x 44mm. 36.17g

References: cf. Hattatt’s ‘Ancient Brooches’ p 381

Features and Provenance: Ex Hanson’s sale  

This type of brooch originated in western Europe and spread during the early 5th century to Germanic tribes. to the Franks and then to Saxon England. especially to the court at Canterbury. Kent. It is believed to have been often worn by women. probably due to its slightly more flamboyant nature. but also as it has been found in high-status female burials in southern England. This brooch is relatively heavy compared to some. and due to its more robust nature. was probably used for a cloak rather than on a dress. The pin has unfortunately corroded away. as this. similar to many Celtic. Roman and Saxon fibulae. was usually made from iron and was the first metal to disintegrate.  



Condition Summary. This varies with the age of the artefact and there are grades between

Extremely Fine (EF). Very slight traces of wear. all parts of pattern etc present. visible and clear

Very Fine (VF). Some signs of wear on the higher parts of the relief. all parts of pattern etc present. but may be worn

Fine (F). Wear on the artefact and parts of item and pattern etc may be missing or not visible






Additional information

Weight50 g


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