Tall Blue John Derbyshire Fluorspar Chalice Old Tor Vein


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Heading : Derbyshire Fluorspar Blue John Chalice
Period : Elizabeth II – late 20th century
Origin : Derbyshire
Colour :  Blue. cream.pale brown. silver and silver grey
Bowl : Cup shaped made of Old Tor Vein Blue Hohn
Stem :  Three cylinder knops also from Old Tor vein with two sections of galena
Foot : Galena and calcite from the bottom of Old Tor Vein
Size :  Height 18.2cm
Condition : Excellent. Non-heat treated.Made with traditional pine resin and bees wax treatment
Restoration : Foot has been recovered with new felt
Weight: 280g

References : The property of a Yorkshire collector. Working blue John is a dying art. this was made by one of the last remaining craftsmen capable of working  the stone.

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