Victorian 'Shell and Horn Snuff Box

Heading : Victorian 'Shell and Horn Snuff Box
Date : 1885-1900
Period : Victoria
Origin :
England, probably Birmingham
Decoration :Horn bare with shell cover
Size :  7.0cm x 4.3cm and 2.3cm depth
Condition : Some wear o edges around the base, a 2.5cm abrasion on the top
Restoration : None
Weight :  42grams

Nasal tobacco does not have the same cache it enjoyed in the 18th and 19th century. The nicotine derivative of choice in the current decade seems to be Vapes and Elf Bars.


These horn snuff boxes are very well made and it would be a shame to consign them to landfill. The covers are tight fitting and I use one as a pill box. One of our ladies keeps her earrings for the evening and has used the same box as a fine receptacle for the visit of tooth fairy! It just take a little imagination.





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