A Sevres Porcelain Soup Plate Assiette a Potage 1793

Heading : A Sevres Porcelain Soup Plate (assiette a potage)  1793
Date : 1793
Period : The French Revolution and The Reign of Terror
Marks : Interlaced 'L's' enclosing PP Year mark for 1793, Artist's mark P' for Jean-Jacques Pierre Jeune. Incised potters mark
Origin : Sevres, Paris, France
Colour :Polychrome and gilt
Pattern : Central flower spray and rim with sprays of pink roses, yellow jasmine and covolvulus within blue bands edged with gilt detail

Features:Shaped and indented rims
Condition :Very good. A little wear to the gilding. Light scratches in the cavetto and a little kiln spit.
Restoration None.
Dimensions : Diameter 24.3cm
Weight : 528g

King Louis XVI was executed on January 21st 1793


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