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Waring and Gillow Art Deco Display Cabinet

Heading :  A fine Waring and Gillow display cabinet
Date : 1930s
Marks : Attributed to Paul Follot
Origin : Lancaster
Features : Walnut with Macassar Ebony veneers
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Dimensions : Height 158cms ( 62.25") Width 112cms (44") Depth 36cms ( 14')
Weight : grams

Waring and Gillow were one the finest producers of Art Deco furniture.

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Eric Knowles Comments

Although recognised today mostly for his Art Deco furniture designs Paul Follot (1877-1941) began his career as a student of Eugene Grasset the celebrated poster artist. As a young man his output, like that of Grasset, mirrored the then prevailing  Art Nouveau style that employed strong organic elements and form.

Alongside graphics Follot also taught himself sculpture whilst also creating designs for fabrics, metalwork and jewellery primarily for the ‘ La Maison Moderne’ gallery in Paris. Although he was to create an entire Art Nouveau interior for the first exhibition to be held by the ‘Societe des Artistes-Decorateurs’ he possessed the foresight to recognise that the style was quickly losing impetus.

By 1905 he had already embarked upon a search for a more advanced style that sought inspiration from the neoclassical style and elegance embraced by 18th and early 19th century French furniture makers and other designers of luxury items. His re-interpretations often made use of stylised floral swags and jardinières overflowing with equally oversize flora applied to both sculpture, ceramics, carpets and furniture inlays.

 Indeed the ‘Follot Rose’ achieved much the same iconic status as that previously enjoyed in by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the ‘Glasgow Rose’. In 1923 he was appointed the art director of Pomone an art studio within the Paris store of Bon Marche whilst his reputation was consolidated by his contribution to the internationally -acclaimed Paris Exposition Des Arts Decoratifs Et Industriels Modernes held in 1925.

His success did not go unnoticed by Waring and Gillows the respected premier British furniture makers and decorators and in 1928 he was approached to form both a partnership with Serge Chermayeff in their in-house ‘Modern Art Studio’ in London as well as overseeing the running of their Paris branch until 1931. Albeit a relatively short lived association his influence became manifest in his French inspired output that found favour with the British discerning and, thankfully monied classes.

The display cabinet illustrated here and offered for sale by the Design Gallery is testament to his creative talent and quite typical of his love for pale woods and the, then, new introduction of streamline contours that were to find even greater favour in the USA throughout the 1930’s.



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