Art Deco Furniture

Art Deco furniture retains a contemporary style. It is luxurious and glamorous and was conceived during the most exciting time in design history. The 1920 s and 1930s saw a renewed interest in high quality handmade finely crafted objects, a reaction against the continued onslaught of mass production.

The International fair held in Paris 1925 was the watershed moment for the art deco style. The new aesthetic was created via craftsmen with both skill and attention to detail using the finest materials. This was not a wistful look-back into the past, it was a dynamic step into the future with geometric designs and curvilinear shapes augmented with colour .The Art Deco style was soon adopted outside of France, in Britain, Italy and the United States in particular the pinnacle of art deco architecture.

Art deco designers and art deco artists touched every aspect of interior design and the decorative arts. The furniture designers produced some of the most stunning art deco dining suites, cocktail cabinents, consoles, cabinets and tables. Every room had new furniture designed from the basement to the bedroom, dining tables, dressing tables and occasional tables.

Art deco furniture has not dated. 1920s designs work extremely well within contemporary interiors and settings, interior designers and even Eileen Gray herself recognised this quality at an early stage.

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