Max Le Verrier Table Lamp c1935

Name : Max Le Verrier Lamp c1935
Description : A small Clarté model
Dimensions :
Height 38cms
Weight : 2905 grams

Rewired and fully PAT tested. The model is in green patinated metal and stands on an marble base.Crackle glass dome. 

Max Le Verrier studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Geneva when he was influenced by Bouraine and Le Faguays and establish lifelong working relationships with both sculptors. A gold medal winner at the original "Deco" exhibition in Paris 1925 Le Verrier formed his own foundry and cast figures for the leading sculptors of the day, himself and his friends. He was arrested in 1944 for his resistance against the Nazis  an continued to work and sculpt until the early 1970s.



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