Hello everyone ! After having made much of the fact that operating a ‘real-world’ sales outlet down in Tunbridge Wells has been a great deal of fun since we moved in during the summer, it’s been a real shame to have to go back to the situation where customers are required to wear face-masks while they are perusing our display rooms (although some may say that having to have my dulcet Lancastrian tones somewhat muffled is a not inconsiderable bonus !)
Unfortunately, we now have this imposition to cope with once again, and there’s the possibility of more strictures to come. However – there is one absolutely guaranteed solution to ensure that your Christmas shopping experience is in no way curtailed, impinged upon or otherwise restricted by any sort of social distancing requirements – shop on-line from the comfort of your own home !
Don’t forget that for all my espousal of the benefits for getting down and dirty, face to face on the shop floor, have a long history as a trusted and successful on-line business, and the existing virtual store is still very much at the core of our business.
Simply by logging on to our website at you can view all of our current stock, with fantastic images and detailed descriptions of anything you may wish to investigate as a potential purchase, from antique wine glasses to sumptuous Tunbridge Ware. The on-line ordering and check-out procedures are extraordinarily simple to navigate.
Every item is expertly packed and despatched with super-reliable couriers, on a next-day service and – of course – the team are on hand via telephone or email to answer any questions you may have. Delivery costs are minimal – barely any more than a couple of hours parking near to The Pantiles. We also offer a free gift-wrapping service for that finishing touch to any shrewd purchases you are able to snap up.
It may prove to be the case that you have to miss out on a meeting with yours truly, fully fettled in Dickensian attire, dispensing good will, comfits and sweetmeats in equal measure over the run up to Christmas, but an opportunity to stay indoors and keep warm whilst remaining safe and entirely mask-free is a pretty decent alternative. You can also have a snooze and maybe a calmative tincture or two should the prospect of gift-buying prove all too much, and return to the virtual fray once suitably revived.
It goes without saying that home-shopping also means that you will retain instant access all your preferred televisual utilities so you can do a bit of on-line buying, crack open the egg-nog, appropriate your favourites from the chocolate selection box and settle down to check out archived editions of my auspicious appearances on Antiques Roadshow, Call My Bluff and the like. If you’re particularly adept at searching for such things, you can also find footage of my appearance on Noel’s House Party – the best part of thirty years ago (I still think that my moustache was particularly dashing…). For those who simply cannot wait to relive my embarrassment – link follows (opens in a new window)…

Noel’ House Party – January 1992