George III Ships Decanter with Neck Rings c1790


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Heading : George III ships decanter with neck rings
Date :
Period :
George III
Origin :
Colour :
Stopper :
Scalloped disc
Neck :
Four blade neck rings
Body :
Very broad base. polished pontil
Glass Type : Lead.
Size :    20.5cm to top of stopper
Condition : Very good. Some light scratches on one flank *
Restoration : An 8mm chip on the second neck ring has been restored with a resin fill
Weight : 485 grams

Despite the restoration this is still only the third 18th or early 19th century example that we have offered for sale. Think of the Battle of the Nile and the stopper rattling in the neck when the powder magazine on the French flag ship The L’Orient explodes. Just remember to pass to the left “port to port” to ensure that your sword arm remains free.

* May be polished out upon request. ask for details

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Weight1000 g


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